AI and Art Portfolio

TEDx MIT: Let Art Be Your Superpower!

Prepare to embark on a groundbreaking journey into the future of artistry! In this TEDx Talk, "Let Art Be Your Superpower!”, I explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in art and creativity.

TEDx Boston: How to Solve the UN' Sustainable Development Goals in 5 Minutes

I created a whole collection of art under the theme of Analytics for a Better World and used an experiment in the talk to showcase the power of Generative AI to help us design solutions to pressing issues.

MIT Generative AI Conference

I was honored to design the visuals of the Generative AI conference at MIT. Discover more about my creative process in the video!

AI Art Workshop

I led a workshop to teach best practices with art creation and prompt engineering.

MIT Art Showcase 

Wildlife photography + AI digital art

MIT Imagination in Action Conference

A fantastic GenAI conference under the theme of Imagination in Action to advance the world and businesses. I created several art collections to embody different moods and gave a talk to showcase how to use AI-generated art for story-telling.

Autonomous AI Art University

Using Large Language Models such as AutoGPT and Generative AI, I created an autonomous AI university where different agents, such as AI students and professors, interact to create art. Here are some of their creations!

My Bird Photo Book: Ad Astra

A repository of my best bird photography from 2021-2022!

Butterfly photography

I am delighted to collaborate with the crowdsourcing platform eButterfly and the Montreal Insectarium to develop AI tools to improve biodiversity monitoring. I I regularly photograph and map butterflies!