Art Portfolio

TEDx MIT: Let Art Be Your Superpower!

Showcased surprising and creative workflows, allowing everyone to do meaningful AI digital art to tell their stories and motivate their audience. 

Recording upcoming.

AI Art Workshop

I led a workshop to teach best practices with art creation and prompt engineering.

MIT Art Showcase 

Wildlife photography + AI digital art

TEDx Boston: How to Solve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in 5 Minutes

I created a whole collection of art under the theme of Analytics for a Better World and used an experiment in the talk to showcase the power of Generative AI to help us design solutions to pressing issues.

MIT Generative AI Conference

I was honored to design the visuals of the Generative AI conference at MIT. Discover more about my creative process in the video!

MIT Imagination in Action Conference

A fantastic GenAI conference under the theme of Imagination in Action to advance the world and businesses. I created several art collections to embody different moods and gave a talk to showcase how to use AI-generated art for story-telling.

Autonomous AI Art University

Using Large Language Models such as AutoGPT and Generative AI, I created an autonomous AI university where different agents, such as AI students and professors, interact to create art. Here are some of their creations!

My Bird Photo Book: Ad Astra

A repository of my best bird photography from 2021-2022!

Butterfly photography

I am delighted to collaborate with the crowdsourcing platform eButterfly and the Montreal Insectarium to develop AI tools to improve biodiversity monitoring. I I regularly photograph and map butterflies!