Selected Talks

  • Multimodality: the Next Frontier in Artificial Intelligence

Guest Lecture, MIT 15.076, Analytics for a Better World - Apr. 2022

AI in Climate, a Harvard conference for the Hack.AI competition finals - Mar. 2022

Oxman Group - Mar. 2022

ORC Student Seminar Series - 2021

NeurIPS 2021, Tackling Climate Change with AI (spotlight talk) - December 2021

INFORMS Annual Meeting - Oct. 2021

Montreal AI Symposium 2020

ORC Student Seminar Series - 2020

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (spotlight talk) - Jul. 2021

AAAI conference, Student Abstract Track - Feb. 2020

Mila Research Showcase - Jun. 2019

  • Machine Learning and Operations Research for Climate Action and Wildlife Conservation

ORC Student Seminar Series - Apr. 2021

  • How Can AI Revolutionize Wildlife Analytics?

Natural Reservations Consortium in France - Mar. 2021

  • Guided Attention for Fine-grained and Hierarchical Classification

AI for Social Good, AAAI - 2020 Fall Symposium

IJCAI AI for Social Good Workshop (long talk) - January 2021

  • Advancing Research Against the Spread of COVID-19 with Analytics Tools

Remote webinar for Ecole CentraleSupélec - June 2020

  • InsectUp: Crowdsourcing Insect Observations to Assess Demographic Shifts and Improve Classification

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Workshop on Wildlife Conservation - Oct. 2019

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), Workshop on AI for Social Good - Jun. 2019